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Family Leisure has been involved with the swimming pool scene for decades. We’ve learned a lot in our years and we’re here to share our experience through a video series called Pool School. In the series, we educate you about swimming pool maintenance, pool chemicals, pool water testing, mineral sanitation systems, pool vacuuming and more. We know that we carry the best information and the best products and we want you to be confident in your purchase and use of our favorite products. When you watch Pool School videos from start to finish, you build up a library of knowledge about swimming pools. With this knowledge, you will be able to purchase, install and maintain your home swimming pool over the years, worry free and with the support of our experts. Family Leisure has a national hotline and store locations spread out across the country. Call our hotline, call our store locations, or stop by a showroom to enjoy one-on-one support from our swimming pool experts.

Our expertise is available for free, right here, right now. Mastery of your swimming pool is at your fingertips! Start with our indroduction video.

Pools are great fun for family and friends of all ages, but it’s your responsibility to maintain a safe environment so that everyone can enjoy swimming. There are many safety necessities and accessories that you should install in your above ground or inground swimming pool. Mike the Pool Guy will show you what safety features are necessary and which are optional for your outdoor swimming pool. Oftentimes, kids do not have a fear of the water, but they should. As swimming pool owners, it’s important to build in features to keep the kids safe. When you buy your pool from Family Leisure, we offer you a folder that includes safety instructions, but the safety instructions apply to pools from any brand. Listen to Mike the Pool Guy as he gives a tutorial about important pool safety information! For more information on maintaining a swimming pool, review our library of Pool School videos including information on Pool Water Testing, Perma Salt Systems, Closing Pools and more. For one-on-one assistance, stop by a store location today!

This video is part of a series that addresses the FAQs of swimming pool owners. This episode provides a direct and clear answer to the question: When do I open my swimming pool? Mike doesn’t give a one-size-fits-all answer. Rather, the time of year when you can open your swimming pool varies depending on where you live. Watch this video from start to finish so that you can be sure to open your pool at the perfect moment for ideal conditions. It’s important to be confident in your swimming pool care knowledge. Let our expert Mike the Pool Guy guide you!

How high should your swimming pool water be? If you’re unsure of the answer, watch this video from start to finish. This is one of the most commonly asked questions by pool owners, and Mike the Pool Guy provides a direct and in-depth answer. Most people assume that the water level should be in the middle, but that is not true, especially if you have an element filter. Let Mike tell you about the pitfalls of incorrect water levels and show you how to get to the correct level. Family Leisure Pool School is designed to help pool owners to find the greatest enjoyment out of owning a swimming pool. Our how to videos are applicable to both above ground pools and inground swimming pools. We are happy to lend your our most valuable advice through our video catalog and also through one-on-one assistance. To speak directly with a pool expert, call our national hotline or stop by a store location today.

Pool Water Testing Part 1

Pool Water Testing Part 2

Pool Water Testing Part 3

Advanced Water Testing Part 1

Advanced Water Testing Part 2

A lot of swimming pool owners, especially new swimming pool owners, ask some of the same questions. This Pool School video addresses one of the most commonly asked questions, which is “Where do I add pool chemicals?” Have you ever read a label that asked you to broadcast the chemical around the swimming pool? Mike the Pool Guy is here to warn you to never ever broadcast pool chemicals directly into the water. View this tutorial from start to finish to find out where to add pool chemicals and where not to add pool chemicals. Pool School videos walk you through the installation, maintenance, opening and closing of your home swimming pool. For more answers to the most frequently asked pool questions, review the entire series of FAQ tutorial videos. Family Leisure store locations are spread across the country. For one-on-one assistance, stop by the nearest store or call our national hotline.

Sand Filter Part 1

Filtration systems for home swimming pools remove contaminants from the water to leave it crystal clear. There are two basic types of filters: sand filters and element filters. Sand filtration systems are a popular form of filters for swimming pools. In this episode of Pool School by Family Leisure, Mike the Pool Guy explains the basics of sand filtration systems: why you might want one, what they look like, how they work and more. In this tutorial, you’ll see how the sand filtration system works. You’ll see an open valve to understand the inner workings of the system. Mike will also explain backwashing and how to maintain a sand system. This is the first of two videos about sand filters by Family Leisure. After watching this video from start to finish, watch the second video for a full look at the power of sand filtration.

Sand Filter Part 2

There are two types of filtration systems that will keep contaminants from ruining your pool water: sand filtration and element filtration. In this video, Mike the Pool Guy discusses sand filtration systems. If you have not watched the first video in the series, go back and view it, then return to this video. This video gives an in depth look at how to use your sand filter system. The valve head on a sand filter has many positions. After watching this how to video, you will know how to properly use the common positions like filter, backwash and rinse, plus the lesser used positions like closed, recirculate, winterize and waste. If you are investing in a top of the line filtration system, it’s wise to know everything about it. Family Leisure pool care experts are overjoyed to share the ins and outs of pool care with the world. Explore our extensive collection of pool maintenance tutorials today! Or if you’re looking for one-on-one help, call our hotline or stop by a store location.

Are you looking for step by step instructions for caring for your home swimming pool? Take a few lessons from Pool School Mike. He teaches you to take care of your above ground or inground swimming pool. Vacuuming a swimming pool is one of the most taxing pool maintenance habits. An automatic pool vacuum can help alleviate the difficulty. But, if you don’t know how to properly work and maintain your robotic pool vacuum, it is of no use to you! In this video tutorial, Mike the Pool Guy introduces you to the art of using an automatic vacuum. There are many different kinds of pool vacuums, but most of them have the same components and same basic operation. Family Leisure carries a range of different vacuums, and each of them has a unique strength. Mike will introduce you to different styles of automatic pool vacuums and show you how to operate them with ease. Pool School by Family Leisure offers a huge range of video tutorials that teach you how to install, open, maintain and winterize your home swimming pool with confidence. If you’re looking for one-on-one help from a pool expert, stop by a store location or call our national hotline.

Are you worried that you will close your pool too early, or maybe you will close it too late? It’s important to be exact when you open your swimming pool so that you create the best conditions for a healthy swimming season. Mike the Pool Guy solves the mystery about closing the pool for you. He says that it’s different for every pool owner. Mike will let you in on the secret about closing your swimming pool when you watch this video from start to finish. You’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about swimming pool opening, closing and maintenance in this video series. If you are interested in one-on-one assistance, call our national hotline or stop by one of our store locations to speak directly with a swimming pool expert. It’s our pleasure to help you and yours find enjoyment out of your swimming pool!

If you’re asking whether or not you should winterize your pool, it’s time to consult an expert. In this video, Mike the Pool Guy explains that the answer is not one size fits all. Rather, it is different for each pool owner. Watch this tutorial from start to finish in order to find out whether or not you should winterize your swimming pool. Family Leisure has a catalog of Pool School videos so that you can learn everything you need to know about opening, maintaining and closing your home swimming pool. We address the biggest topics like pool chemicals and filtration systems and answer the most commonly asked questions, like the one featured in this episode. Pool School by Family Leisure is a unique and wonderful resource. It is a library of videos that educate swimming pool owners so that they can maintain their swimming pool with ease for maximum enjoyment.

Orenda Chemical Videos

Orenda’s commitment to science and safety is unparalleled in the aquatics industry. To demonstrate that commitment, all of Orenda’s products have been NSF/ANSI Certified to Standard 50. And Orenda’s enzyme products go a step beyond, as they are Standard 60 certified as safe for drinking water. Orenda chemicals are powerful and concentrated, yet safe.

Using LSI Calculator and SC-1000 for a new plaster startup. Follow the National Plasterer’s Council (NPC) guidelines for a safe startup.

Demonstration and explanation of how to use Orenda’s all-natural chitosan clarifier, CE-Clarifier.

Why and how to apply Orenda enzyme products CV-600 and CV-700 to a swimming pool.

There are many uses for SC-1000. This video explains some of the main ones: pool startup and weekly maintenance (scale prevention).

Explanation of how to properly apply PR-10,000 Phosphate remover to a swimming pool.

We talk a lot about removing phosphates…but this video explains the three main ways phosphates get in your water in the first place.

Are you familiar with the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)? If not, this video can help. The LSI is important to understand because it is the objective measure of water balance.

Explanation of how the chemistry of chlorination works. Chlorine first must overcome the oxidant demand: metals, then non-living organics and ammonia-based compounds (chloramines). Only after the oxidant demand has been destroyed is the breakpoint reached, and sanitation can begin.

There are many reasons to eliminate phosphates from a swimming pool…but one reason outweighs them all: phosphates weaken chlorine. This video explains how.

It’s easy to confuse Total Alkalinity and pH. After all, the word “alkaline” is part of the pH conversation. This video explains the distinction.

Walkthrough of Orenda’s mobile app; specifically how to use the industry-leading LSI dosing calculator

Whether you have used CV-600/700 in your pool or not, our enzymes do amazing things to water. This video explains how they devour non-living organic waste. 

Can you correctly identify calcium carbonate scale? Many people mistake underwater calcium crystals for scale, and therefore do the opposite of what needs to be done to treat the problem.