Expectations of the build process and beyond

What are you waiting for? You have been dreaming about a backyard getaway for years. Now it is time to take the plunge. From the initial meeting to starting up the pool, working with Family Leisure will be a breeze.

Experience exceeding your expectations

Imagine being able to wrap personal relaxation, family fun and innumerable health benefits into one robust package. Pool and spa ownership adds a unique richness and value to your life, not to mention to your home. Family Leisure provides you with the experience you deserve. From the initial meeting, through installation and beyond, you will be impressed with our team, our products and our services that can last you and your family a lifetime.

What to Expect

Just as every backyard is different, so is every pool and each owner’s expectations. From the beginning phases to completion you can be assured that Family Leisure is committed to making your experience a pleasant one.

We leverage our 40 years of experience to streamline everything from contract signing, to permits and inspections, to coordinating other contractors. This enables you to envision the finished project while we sweat the small stuff. While every pool is different, the design and construction process are generally the same.

We provide an in-store consultation for free

One of the first questions we ask is, “Why do you want a pool?” By asking this question we remove any preconceived notions and listen to you. After all, it is your swimming pool and you should get what you want. We will then review the site to determine the best location for the pool while considering available sunlight, existing structures, access and your desires.

You will receive a customized quote

Based upon our conversations regarding the overall design of the project you will receive a customized quote detailing the project.

After you say, “Yes!”

What happens to your backyard?

We realize that we are guests for a short time, but we want you to understand that we will treat your backyard as if it were our very own. The process of building a pool can transform your backyard into something amazing at completion, but we will take the care necessary keep it clean and safe for your family.

When the pool is complete

We will provide you with an orientation on the overall operation of the pool and provide you with a basic course on water chemistry. We understand the importance of having a good grasp of how to take care of your pool in order to be able to protect the investment you’ve made in your backyard.

An in-ground swimming pool can take your backyard space from ordinary to sensational. Create a quiet cove, add a sparkling waterfall, fashion an outdoor space that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Family Leisure can help make your vision for your backyard a reality! Allow us to help you plan and implement the most amazing in-ground swimming pool your imagination can conjure. The experts at Family Leisure can aid you in developing a completely fabulous design that will incorporate every dream and detail you desire. Create a backyard oasis with an in-ground swimming pool from Family Leisure!